Alternating Mattresses

Our Product Range

  • SenTech Stage IV Millenium 3
    A sophisticated and highly featured mattress replacement system for patients at very high risk. Offers a unique combination of alternating and low air loss therapies with a 3-Zone cell system for variable pressure control.
  • SenTech Stage IV 2000
    An intelligent and intuitive multi-purpose system designed for rapid wound healing or very high risk protection. Includes a range of features designed to increase patient comfort and maximise carer time management.
  • Premium Concave Positioning Cover
    Valuable accessory for Premium 8, Premium 5 or Premium Slimline 3 to help prevent patient falls and injuries.
  • Premium Slimline 3 Mattress Overlay
    A cost effective mattress overlay for partially independent patients at lower risk of pressure injury.
  • Premium 5 Mattress Overlay
    A premium mattress overlay system especially suited for residential care facilities or home care environments. A highly successful solution when used in conjunction with an effective pressure injury prevention strategy.
  • Premium 8 Mattress Replacement
    A full mattress replacement system for the medium to high risk user, offering increased comfort and optimum infection control. Increased cell depth makes the system well suited to the heavier patient.
  • Premium 9 Mattress Replacement
    A premium mattress replacement system for patients at high to very high risk, or patients seeking maximum comfort combined with maximum therapeutic benefit.
  • Premium 10 King Mattress Replacement
    An extra wide hospital grade mattress replacement system for patients who prefer a king size sleeping platform. All the features of the Premium 10 with an increased width of 1070 mm.
  • Premium 10 Mattress Replacement
    Highly featured hospital grade mattress replacement system designed for maximum infection control and maximum therapeutic benefit for optimum acute care and specialised support.