Bed Rails

Our Product Range

  • Bed Cradle 600mm
    These are designed to fit under the mattress to form a support to keep bedclothes clear of feet and legs. O/No BEA14400, BEA14500, BEA14600.
  • Bed Pole – Single and Double Bed
    The Bed Pole Dual Prong has two upright prongs allowing safe transfers from either sides of the bed. O/No BEA013800, BEa013900.
  • Cobra Bed Pole
    This bed pole is designed to fit under any mattress allowing the user a safe way to transfer in and out of the bed. Can be positioned on either side of the bed and is designed so that two poles may be positioned on the same single bed. O/No BEA014000.
  • King Cobra Bed Pole
    The King Cobra bed pole is ideal for taller users that need a higher hand grip. O/No BEA014100.
  • Dropside Bed Rail
    The removable Dropside Bed Rail fits under the mattress and is easily locked up or down when required. O/No BEA013700.
  • Gooseneck Liberty HealthCare Gooseneck
    The free-standing Gooseneck is fabricated from heavy tubular steel section and is epoxy powder coated.
  • Grip Handle
    The grip handle bed pole fits under the mattress and provides a firm handle to assist with moving and positioning in bed. O/No BEA014200.