Premium Slimline 3 Mattress Overlay

The Premium Slimline 3 is a cost effective alternating pressure mattress overlay system for the patient at lower risk of pressure injury. Features 21 slimline cells to provide a higher number of smaller contact points for a greater degree of comfort, while preventing smaller limbs from sliding between the inflated cells. The reduced cell height lowers  overall mattress profile to facilitate independent bed access for patients with limited mobility.

The Premium Concave Positioning Cover is available as an optional accessory.

key features

  • 1 in 2 alternation cycle for pressure relief over a 12 minute cycle
  • vapour permeable, waterproof top cover with multi stretch fabric to minimise friction and reduce shear
  • premium infection control including welded seams and antibacterial taping
  • compact analogue control unit with fully adjustable pressure settings and visible alarm in the event of low mattress pressure
  • enhanced labelling on top cover and control unit for ease of operation
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