Scooters – Comet Ultra


Ideal for those with larger body shapes, the Comet® Ultra offers a secure, supportive and powerful driving experience without compromising on style or functionality. Packed with all of the safety features and driving characteristics seen throughout the Comet family, the Comet Ultra will get you to your destination quickly and efficiently, in complete comfort and control.

Comet ULTRA – White   SC100000
Comet ULTRA – Green   SC100001
Comet ULTRA – Blue   SC100002
Comet ULTRA – Silver   SC100003
Comet ULTRA – Red   SC100004
Comet ULTRA – Luxor Beige   SC100005
Comet ULTRA – Crystal Copper   SC100006
Comet ULTRA – Carmine Red   SC100007
Comet ULTRA – Electric Blue   SC100008
Comet ULTRA – Ionic Chrome   SC100009

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