Scooters – Pegasus Metro

Pegasus METRO

Whether you enjoy a quick trip to meet friends for food or taking a short journey to the local shops, the Pegasus METRO is the ideal choice to take you there. The new, ergonomically designed Pegasus METRO has been designed from the ground up to focus on key aspects important to both new and seasoned scooter users. As a result, it is equipped with numerous features to ensure users experience a safe, easy and enjoyable ride.

Pegasus METRO – White   SC100030
Pegasus METRO – Green   SC100031
Pegasus METRO – Blue   SC100032
Pegasus METRO – Silver   SC100033
Pegasus METRO – Red   SC100034
Pegasus PMETRO – Luxor Beige   SC100035
Pegasus METRO – Crystal Copper   SC100036
Pegasus METRO – Carmine Red   SC100037
Pegasus METRO – Electric Blue   SC100038
Pegasus PMETRO – Ionic Chrome   SC100039

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