Keeping your lungs in shape & working for you by D.R Alen F. Barker MD

There are several lung conditions that impact on the ability of the lungs to successfully clear out mucous from the lungs. Mucous production and clearance is a normal process of a healthy lung. The cilia, small fine hair like processes sweep the lung tissue clear and a healthy person will generally cough up any mucous and complete the process of clearing their airway.

Unfortunately, people suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) will generally as a side effect suffer to varying degrees from ineffective airway clearance.

COPD is a broad term that includes bronchitis (inflammation of the larger airways causing an ongoing cough), emphysema (the lung tissue involved with the exchange of gases is impaired or destroyed) and asthma (a long-term lung condition where the airways are sensitive to various triggers and swell as well as create more mucous).

Airway clearance problems can be congenital (a person is born with them or is prone to the disorder) or may be acquired. Congenital conditions include genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis, whilst acquired problems may be a result of smoking, exposure to chemicals or a result of infections such as pneumonia or whooping cough.

Traditional treatment methods include Chest Physical Therapy (CPT), exercise and various medications.

Watch the actual interview of Dr. Alan F. Barker M.D. discussing about Bronchiectasis Clinical Diagnosis and the benefit of having a AffloVest Mobile Airway Clearance Therapy

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Welcome to the AFFLOVEST

The Afflovest offers a unique way of carrying out Chest Physical Therapy (CPT). The vest is fitted with eight oscillating motors that sit against the upper and lower lobes of each lung, both at the front and at the back. The vest fits snugly to allow maximum effectiveness of each of the motors. Battery operated, the Afflovest allows the user to move about independently, continuing to live an active and productive life. The hand held remote is easy to use and conveniently sits in a pocket at the front of the vest.

The Afflovest simulates a traditional CPT regime and offers three modes - percussion, vibration and drainage. Each mode can be set at three levels - soft/5Hz, medium/13Hz and intense/20Hz. The health practitioner is able to work with you to determine the best regime for your particular needs.

The Afflovest is available in 7 sizes from XXS, a chest measurement of 46 - 58cm through to the XXL - the largest vest at 140 - 165+cm. The vest is adjustable at the shoulder to ensure the motors are correctly placed over the top of each lobe. Front straps allow the vest to be adjusted. The vest can have a 25mm overlap at the front or alternatively have a gap of up to 175mm and still function effectively.

The Afflovest has undergone clinical testing and has been shown to be an effective tool to assist in airways clearance. Test results working with people diagnosed as having bronchiectasis, show improved airways clearance with reduced need for antibiotics and hospitilisation.

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Other studies with a group of young adolescent cystic fibrosis patients have shown improved lung function using measures of the rate of expulsion of air from the lungs. One of the very significant benefits clearly identified in this study is the portability and hence ease of use of the Afflovest, which leads to higher levels of compliance with the prescribed therapy .2 This has been particularly important when dealing with younger children and adolescents who may be less likely to follow their treatment plan.   

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The Afflovest has been approved for use in Australia and is included on the TGA Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. It is available on a prescription basis. Talk to your Doctor, Physiotherapist or Respiratory Specialist today!


1 Sievert, C E and C. A. Beaner. (2018) Incidence of Bronchiectasis-related exacerbation rates after high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) treatment - A longitudinal outcome-based study. Respiratory Therapy, Vol. 13 No. 2, Spring.

2 Cooper, Michael.  An evidence-based study of adolescents with cystic fibrosis demonstrated that Afflovest ® by International Biophysics contributed to improved lung function scores.