Using a Mobility Scooter or Electric Powerchair in Victoria

Using a Mobility Scooter or Electric Powerchair in Victoria

If you are using a mobility scooter or powerchair in Victoria, there are certain laws you are required to follow and in fact, whilst operating these vehicles you are actually considered a ‘pedestrian’ and are required to follow the same laws that apply to pedestrians. These include:

  • You must cross a road using the shortest, direct route;
  • You must not jaywalk or obstruct other traffic;
  • When crossing at traffic lights without pedestrian signals, you may leave the kerb on the green light only;
  • When crossing at pedestrian lights, you may leave the kerb when the ‘walking man’ is green;
  • When crossing at roundabouts, you may leave the kerb when there is no traffic in the roundabout, and you must give way to all traffic on or entering the roundabout,
  • Where possible, travel on a footpath, preferably on the pedestrian side if the path is ‘divided’;
  • If there is no footpath and you must travel on the road and always travel facing oncoming traffic;
  • When crossing a ‘Bicycles Only’ path, let the bicycles pass before you cross the path;
  • You must not travel past a ‘No Pedestrians’ sign.

As a general rule, avoid using roundabouts or crossing at roads where there are no traffic lights or signs. In addition, it is recommended you plan your course in advance to make your journey as safe as possible.

Who can legally use a mobility scooter or motorised wheelchair on public footpaths?

If you are not capable of walking, or have mobility issues, you are allowed to use a motorised device.

Do I have to register my scooter or powerchair?

Under the Road Safety Act (1986) and Road Rules – Victoria, mobility scooters and powerchairs are not defined as vehicles and therefore cannot be registered.

What is the maximum capable speed of travel of my device on flat ground?


What is the maximum allowable unladen mass of a scooter or powerchair?



The above information has been supplied to assist members of the public. Advanced Scooters does not claim to represent VicRoads. You are always advised to check with the appropriate government department to obtain complete knowledge of the road law. 16 December 2013