Six Benefits of an Adjustable Bed Post Surgery

Sleeping on a comfortable, supportive and therapeutic surface is essential to post-surgery recovery. An electric, adjustable bed can be beneficial for post-op recovery and transition care by providing comfort, support, and flexibility in positioning - especially if you're getting over hip, back, knee, or abdominal surgery.

As an integral part of an overall equipment package for recovery, maintenance, or pre- and post-op continuum of care, an electric, adjustable bed in the home (as part of a healthcare professional team recommendation) may help alleviate pain points, ease some breathing difficulties, and relieve some mobility issues by allowing you to adjust the position of the bed for maximum comfort and individual stability. Functionality-wise, these operate similarly to a hospital bed, allowing for easy positioning and helping you get a better night's sleep.

Benefits of An Electric Bed After Surgery

1. Sleeping Positions After Surgery
Sleeping in the proper position after surgery is crucial for avoiding pain or further injury. An electric adjustable bed offers benefits over a traditional bed because it can be tailored to your specific post-operative needs. With an independent head and foot section, you can easily adjust the bed to provide optimal support and reduce pressure on the spine. This is especially important for people who have had knee or hip replacement surgery as proper spine alignment helps alleviate discomfort and speed up the recovery process.

2. Improving Blood Flow Post-Surgery
Yes, it's crucial to prevent circulatory issues after leg surgery. Elevating the lower limbs using an electric bed can improve blood flow and prevent swelling, which is common after knee surgery or if a leg or foot is in a cast. An adjustable bed offers better support for limbs and joints than a pillow and allows for quick and easy repositioning to prevent fluid buildup or pressure injuries.

Consulting a doctor or health professional can help you understand how an electric bed can also aid in getting in and out of bed, reducing pressure on joints and limbs.

3. Regaining Independence After Surgery
Regaining independence after surgery is a common concern for many people. Feeling weak or stressed about getting in and out of bed, or becoming a burden on family or carers, can impact the recovery process. An electric bed can help individuals regain their independence by allowing them to sit up unassisted, get in and out of bed, and turn in bed without assistance. This can improve their quality of life and help them reach critical milestones in the recovery process.

4. Respiratory Support After A Surgical Procedure
For individuals who have undergone upper-body or respiratory surgery, lying flat can worsen breathing difficulties. An electric bed can help alleviate these issues by allowing you to adjust the head position, keeping the airways clear and allowing for proper chest cavity expansion and contraction for better sleep.

5. Post-Operation Tiredness
Increased sleep is a common occurrence after surgery and feeling tired is normal. The body needs time to heal and repair, and sleep plays a crucial role in this process. Having a comfortable and supportive bed is important to aid recovery and ensure proper rest.

6. Companion Adjustable Beds
Sleep disruption can also be caused by a sleeping partner. After surgery, having enough space to move freely in bed is essential. To solve this issue, electric beds now come in a variety of sizes to accommodate two people comfortably.

For example, the Liberty Healthcare range offers, Split Queen, Split King and Split Super King, both electric and non-electric options with dual control for individual adjustment of the upper and lower body, minimising disturbance to your partner.

Australian Made Adjustable Beds at Liberty Healthcare
Liberty Healthcare is an Australian owned and operated company with 20+ years’ experience in manufacturing and retailing high quality Mobility & Assistive Technology products, including made to order adjustable beds, lift chairs, daily living aids, mobility scooters, walkers and wheelchairs all delivered with outstanding customer service. We have showrooms on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, delivering across the SEQ region daily.

Speak with our Equipment Specialists for advice and guidance on the best adjustable bed for you or for someone you care for.

Call our Virginia (Brisbane) Store: 1300 688 388 or Molendinar (Gold Coast) Store: 1300 885 853


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