HIRE Homecare Hilo Adjustable Bed -SINGLE 3'0"


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Liberty Healthcare manufactures the hilo Adjustable Bed in Australia, to suit the individual situation and desired goals of its customers. As every person is different in weight, height and needs, we believe it is vital to script the bed to meet their unique requirements.  There are many benefits with having an adjustable bed. Having the ability to elevate your head improves postural support, ease symptoms of reflux, respiratory conditions, snoring and sleep apnoea. With raising your legs this will assist with circulation and helps with tired, swollen or painful limbs. By elevating both head and leg elevations, a position commonly known as Zero Gravity, the end user can relieve pressure on sore joints, reduce body surface compression and generally relax muscles to achieve a restful state. The Hi-lo function is useful for both the end user and carer. This function essentially raises the whole bed to a suitable height and enables for ‘stepping off’ the bed by the end user at a suitable height for them. Hilo also assists when making the bed and cleaning under the bed, giving further independence to the end user. PLEASE NOTE This is a BED BASE only, you will need to hire a mattress , head boards and foot boards if wanting the one pictured (side boards can not be hired).

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